Rotary Game Counter Pattern

Rotary Game Counter Pattern


This is a two digit rotary counter for use to track scores, health totals, or other values while playing table top games. The design can be easily altered to increase the number of rotors for additional digits. The design uses two different sized magnets - one for the center axis and one for snapping each digit into place. No glue is required. For more info check out my blog post on this make.

File Contents:

One .svg created using Adobe Illustrator CS4. A decorative pattern from Wikimedia Commons is also included for optionally scoring the sides of the rotors. Individual pieces are colored differently so that the cut operations can be split up in the Glowforge UI.

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Picture Notes:

The single counter in the pictures is made from Walnut and Maple. In the pictures with two counters, the left one is Walnut and Maple while the right one is Padauk and Maple

Assembly difficulty: 4/5

The magnets are a bear to get in and you need to be very careful to get the alignments right or you’ll have to do the work twice. Some pliers to pinch the magnets into the holes is recommended. Additional care should be taken to align the numbers in the same direction for the separate rotors.

Required Materials:

Recommended Tools: